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Our Risk Practice in Cambridge

The Risk practice main office is located in Cambridge, UK.  We feel the location offers a quality of life that balances convenience of access to London with the friendliness of a small historic city.  We value both the consulting skills and domain expertise needed to successfully deliver our services.  We recognise that future success of our practice is built on hiring the right people who are willing to commit to careers with us; we are willing to invest in those people through a global training programme; early exposure to project work with our clients and a supportive career development process that assigns senior mentors to all staff.

How do we work?

Our work involves solving challenging problems for clients where more conventional solutions have failed.  In delivering our assignments we routinely work at executive and board-level to support decision-making.  Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of work within the Risk practice is being able to see the positive impact of our assignments on client organisations; a significant proportion of our work is ‘repeat business’ where original contracts are extended or renewed as a direct result of a successful first assignment.  It is also common for us to establish working relationships with client organisations that span many decades.  Some of our current work is for clients that we first worked for in the 1990s.

Be truly involved

On joining the Risk practice you will be given early exposure to client work through attending client meetings, presentations and accompanying teams on site visits.  It is not uncommon for your first day ‘in the office’ to be away from Cambridge…one new joiner spent their first week with us in Dubai.  Immediate exposure to client work provides invaluable experience that the new joiner can capitalise on early within their careers at Arthur D. Little.

The sense of involvement and belonging to the team stretches a long way beyond the formal case work. It is about the bonds that you form with your colleagues and the openness and transparent of the working environment that we try very hard to foster.  We hold weekly team meetings in the office to ensure workloads remain manageable and that all are aware of any developments.  We hold more formal meetings every quarter, giving the opportunity for detailed discussion of practice plans and business development. 

Be part of a team

All client projects (or cases as we call them) are delivered by small teams of staff, usually three to five, sometimes involving staff from other offices.  The case is managed by a Case Manager responsible for organising the work and providing guidance and direction to the team throughout the assignment.  Each case will also have a Director in Charge; a senior member of staff ultimately accountable for the case.  Junior staff will work on cases under the close supervision of the Case Manager.

Depending on the types of project you are involved with, cases can range from very short-term assignments of a few days commitment only, to assignments lasting a year or more with regular visits to the client.  As these longer-term projects typically do not commit staff 100% of the time, in the intervening periods you will still be involved in other shorter-duration projects.

Once an assignment is completed you’ll have the chance to work with a new team, which may require different expertise and possibly a new client.  Such changes present new challenges and new learning opportunities.  You will be constantly receiving coaching and feedback from your team before, during, and after each case in order to support your continued professional development.

The opportunity to travel

Our Risk practice works worldwide.  Recent assignments have included time spent in Colombia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mozambique, India, South Africa and South Korea.  Whilst we cannot guarantee international travel, we have clients around the world and all of our consulting staff travel regularly to work alongside these clients.

We differ from many of the other well-known management consulting companies in that our teams typically mobilise from Cambridge to deliver assignments for relatively short periods of time (i.e. a few weeks) in other countries.  We then return to Cambridge to complete the assignment and write the various reports.  Sometimes we will return in-country a number of times to complete the assignment.  However, we do not leave teams in-country for many months, believing the regular time spent in our home office to be important to team cohesion and quality of life.  Not all of our assignments are abroad; many are based in the UK and it is common for staff to spend longer periods of time when they are not travelling.  This balance depends on mix of assignments being completed at any one time.