Your success


Your role

As a business analyst at Arthur D. Little you will work on well-defined sub-tasks of the assignment with the close support and guidance of your case manager. The Business Analyst’s role includes:

Gathering facts and analyzing data from various sources

  • Extracting key messages from your research in a clear and concise way
  • Assisting the team in building presentations and reports
  • Providing input in client meetings regarding your own work
  • Interacting with customers during workshops and interviews

Next to that, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the office by taking on a role in the internal office organization.

Your profile

You will have just finished university or already have 1–2 years’ experience in a similar position. You have an excellent academic track record, preferably in engineering, science, finance, economics or law, with potentially an MBA as an additional asset. As a future business analyst you:

  • Possess the necessary analytical skills
  • Have a good sense of professionalism, making you a credible partner in the eyes of the client
  • Have the right interpersonal skills to be an effective part of our case teams – adapting rapidly to the diverse environments you will be exposed to