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The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research

The Social and Economic Impact of Publicly Funded Research in 35 Participating Universities

Arthur D. Little was commissioned by 35 universities to conduct a study of the impact of research in their institutions - primarily from the 'post-92' group. The study showed that such institutions play a key part in sustaining what England's Higher Education Funding Council calls "A dynamic and...
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Preparing for privatization in the Middle East

With state-owned companies widespread in the Middle East, governments in the region are becoming increasingly aware of the societal benefits of privatization and are preparing for a series of such initiatives.
Public services, Strategy

The new partnership between research & technology

Research and technology institutes have long been key players in national innovation infrastructures, bridging the gap between industry and academia. However, in a world characterised by tighter control of government spending, greater government intervention and changing stakeholder expectations,...
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A Climate for Knowledge: How Governments can Enable

Governments all over the world have recognised that the future of any country's economy depends on the ability to turn it into a knowledge-economy. Especially in Europe there is a rising concern that the old continent could fall behind. There remains the question: what can European governments do...
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Getting Together: How Government and Business can Link up

Globalisation – with all its well known consequences – is a fact of life. There are no niches left anywhere in the world, and wherever one goes there are heated discussions between government and business about how to restructure a country’s social and economic fabric in order not only to survive...
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