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For today's leaders, energy is at the top of the agenda. There are worries about access to resources, rising petro-nationalism, threats to supply, fluctuating fuel prices, problems in electricity and gas markets, re-assessment of coal for power generation, the challenges of global warming and renewables, and the re-emergence of nuclear power.

Oil majors are now competing with national oil companies against a background of reducing reserves and extremely high shareholder expectations. Companies are also being pressed to enhance flexibility, reliability and margins at their refineries, to secure low cost feedstocks and to improve retail margins.

Major utility companies are faced with emissions trading, the stalled liberalisation of electricity and gas markets in Europe, the collapse of the energy merchant business model in the US, the growing gas import requirements and difficult permitting for new infrastructure.

How we can help

For over 40 years we've helped clients solve some of the world's toughest energy problems. We help energy companies master huge and complex challenges, in rapidly changing situations, often under very demanding geographic, economic, regulatory and political conditions. Our clients include the world's largest oil and utilities companies.

We work together with them as partners to bring clear thinking to bear on key strategic issues. What sets us apart is our unique ability to combine four factors; a deep practical understanding of the energy industry and its most difficult challenges, the highest calibre of people, innovation to produce fresh insights and a commitment to achieving measurable results. It's what we're known for and enables us to create solutions that effectively satisfy the needs of our clients, all the way from boardroom to operations.

Arthur D. Little has offices all around the world, so nowhere is beyond the reach of our energy and utilities expertise. For each assignment we create a multi-disciplinary case team that works seamlessly with the client. It is always tailored to the particular assignment and offers a balance between experienced industry and functional specialists and a number of local experts.

We help major players in the energy industry find effective solutions to many of their most complex challenges through our thought leadership. That's why the big names call on us, not just once, but time after time.

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