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At Arthur D. Little, our Public Services Practice combines traditional consulting skills with public sector knowledge and expertise to help address the many challenges public authorities currently face around the world.

Complex challenges

Public authorities in the 21st century face a complex web of challenges:

  • Managing interdependencies: navigating within and between diverse policy domains and levels of authority to address increasingly complex societal problems and spiralling internationalization
  • Open government: responding to demands for more open, transparent and consultative government
  • Public sector performance: becoming more performance focussed and taking into account the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of government measures
  • Use of market-type mechanisms: providing government services through market mechanisms, such as outsourcing, public-private partnerships and vouchers
  • Public employment: re-thinking the traditional ways of organizing and motivating public servants
  • New technologies: adapting the way large and complex operations are controlled, in response to the spread of new technologies
  • Risk & security concerns: re-thinking the capacity to anticipate and react to events such as environmental disasters, accidents in the food chain, security threats, etc.

 In responding to these demands, public decision-makers face tough political choices.

How we can help

Arthur D. Little is uniquely positioned to address these issues. Our dedicated team of public sector consultants, drawn from business, technical and social sciences backgrounds, offers you important benefits:

  • Public sector knowledge: We have worked for clients at all levels of government local, provincial, regional, national and supranational
  • Policy expertise: With an extensive international network at our disposal, we master the full breadth of the policy spectrum (transport, healthcare, economics, innovation, environment, energy, culture, etc.)
  • Proven methodologies: These guarantee efficient yet customized service delivery
  • A side-by-side consulting approach: Our flexible and pragmatic way of working generates essential buy-in for implementing solutions and realizing results.

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