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Open Enrolment Courses

Strategic Safety Management Programme

Strategic Safety Management Learning Programme

"Very good, and will enable knowledge acquired to be transferred to the workplace"
Director - Train Operating Company

This two-day course is designed to strengthen understanding and skills for managing safety in a strategic business context.

Arthur D. Little offers the Strategic Safety Management Programme to senior managers in the railway industry on an open enrolment basis.

The programme focuses on issues that are relevant to today's railway industry such as:

  • The financial impact of poor safety performance on companies' bottom-line performance.
  • Managing safety across contractual interfaces.
  • Ensuring that safety management systems deliver improved performance in line with your business goals.

This programme has been targeted at, and is being attended by:

  • Directors of Rail Businesses and their immediate reports - many of whom have requirements to be competent in the strategic management of safety.
  • Corporate Strategic Safety Advisors.
  • Senior managers who attended the previous programme but who wish to update their skills for dealing with current needs for the management of safety in the commercial environment.

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Accident and Incident Investigation Programmes

Accident and Incident Investigation Learning Programmes

"I commend this course to anyone involved in participating in formal inquiries or investigations at management level. I found it thought provoking, enjoyable and immensely useful."
Investigations Manager, Network Rail

The Accident and Incident Investigation Programmes are designed for people in rail industry companies who have to understand and work with the Accident and Incident Investigation process. They have been developed on behalf of the UK rail industry and updated to reflect Railway Group Standards and Guidance.

For further details, please contact our Client Training Coordinator, Caroline Foster.