Customer-experience improvement program for a main European Bank
Financial services

Promoting customer experience as a transformational tool and a key competitive differentiator


The client needed to develop an analysis around the necessity of promoting customer experience as a transformational tool within the current competitive environment. Additionally, it sought to identify and prioritize several initiatives aimed at improving customer experience, mainly in order to improve customer-channel interactions.


We started with a conceptualization of the current customer experience in the bank, which was followed by the identification of the benefits resulting from investing in customer experience. We then performed a benchmark of initiatives applied in the banking and other industries at a national and an international level.

With all the information obtained in the first phase, we started the identification of programs to improve customer experience, which involved the selection of the key areas that benefit from customer experience, the prioritization of segments/channels, the identification of initiatives according to servicing evolution for each segment/channel, and the development and prioritization of implementation programs. It resulted in a detailed recommendation of the programs to be implemented in the channels of the bank. 


As an outcome, the bank obtained a methodology for measuring customer experience and prioritizing segment/channel interactions. We also initiated 9 programs to substantially improve customer e-xperience. Furthermore, the bank obtained an overall program to improve customer satisfaction in transactional interactions.