Customer management strategy for a Spanish insurance company
Financial services

Changing a customer management model from a disintegrated, reactive model to a coordinated, proactive one


A Spanish insurer needed to change its customer management model, from a disintegrated, reactive model, to a coordinated, proactive one.


We started with an analysis of the current situation. For that, we thoroughly evaluated the current model of customer management in the company per client typology, for the main interactions. We also assessed the knowledge management capabilities in the company, and finally defined new segments according to value, loyalty, etc.

We then started to analyze the contact management processes. In that respect, we defined the main processes needed to develop new service proposals for the client according to its value.

We then developed the new needed capacities in customer information management and the new commercial actions, based on the new customer management model – fidelity, retention, cross-sales etc. We finally integrated all the interactions with the client and the communications within a relationship center.

Finally, we defined the organizational responsibilities for the new model, and we integrated them under a new clients department. We also devised interphases and coordination models with other areas within the insurer. We finally defined the technical needs for the development of the different actions and supported the company in the provider selection process.


As a result, the company obtained a new clients department, with all the tools needed to develop the new relationship model. We also described the initiatives and processes in order to improve the customer management model and created a roadmap for the implementation.

50–60% of clients researching insurance online, 28% buying insurance online / 40% of all insurance clients operating digitally in the country