Substitution of digital channels for a South American bank
Financial services

Changing a an obsolete digital-channel (both desktop and mobile) platform to a world-class solution


The client, the leading bank in a South American country, was suffering from considerable problems derived from its current digital-channel platform, which was obsolete and had limitations in terms of reliability, user experience, flexibility and functionality.

The client was undergoing a considerable cost-cutting effort related to the economic downturn in the region, and therefore the platform change had to be based on a strong business case in this general cost-cutting effort.


In this context, we helped the client in two ways: we first helped it determine its priorities in terms of architecture and functionalities to be substituted by the architecture, and to define the roadmap for the substitution, taking into account development and integration time of the new platform and operational and commercial needs. 

We then helped the client to select the optimal platform, by reviewing its key competences and functionalities, the fit with its IT architecture and tools, the availability of developers in the region (a key factor in emerging markets, where specialized labor is not always readily available), its costs, its references and all other necessary factors.


The client followed our advice and selected the platform we had advised. Furthermore, we helped the client throughout the implementation of the platform and the substitution of the older one.

28 million $ sales increase from improved cross-sales index / 25 million $ savings from channel-mix optimization